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Amsterdam, 21 March 2013 – Kimm Koffijberg launches the new spring-summer collection ‘I-dentity’. The powerful and chic collection puts a spotlight on the identity of the individual woman.

The models are themselves in their most powerful form. The division of volume that has been cut into the hair, the chic, ‘oily’ and contrasting colorings, and the styling merge together and emphasize the unique identity of each woman. The colorings combine light and dark tones, blondes and blacks, shades of grey and soft pastels. Starting from the structure, the cuts, colorings, and color accents are put in place to emphasize the hairstyle. “I-Dentity is a statement about our craftsmanship as hairdressers”, says Kimm Koffijberg. The collection has been nominated for the Coiffure Award 2013* – category Female hairstyles Noord-Holland.

Kimm Koffijberg dedicates “I-Dentity” to her source of inspiration Vidal Sassoon, founder of our current cutting techniques.

Background information

Kimm Koffijberg observes that women today do not get their power from others, but rather start from their own strength. As a result they like to distinguish themselves. For these women, it is essential to have a hairdresser that recognizes their personal preferences and that is able to professionally translate these wishes into a fashionable hairstyle. Hairdressers’ ‘craftsmanship’, as such, is extremely important.

Cuts, colors, and styling

‘I-Dentity’ is fully attuned to women’s unique type, facial shape, and hair structure. The collection contains both expressive statements – including outspoken bangs or a fringe – and calm statements. The hairstyles are marked by the division of volume that has been cut into the hair. If the client has natural waves in her hair, these are emphasized rather than suppressed.

The colors look natural and artsy. Use is made of dark-light effects, washed blacks, stormy greys, ashy brown-blondes, and coral and peach pastels. Some parts of the hair are particularly highlighted as a result of the use of color. The starting point for the creation of each hairstyle is the client: Focusing on what the client would like herself, the styling is kept highly accessible.

Clothing and make-up

For ‘I-Dentity’ the models wear feminine, black clothes of different textures. Accents are used to underline the uniqueness of each of these women. The clothing is never heavy, but rather glossy and transparent. The make-up is artistic, with copper and grey accents and with either expressive eyes or expressive lips.

* With her spring-summer collection ‘I-Dentity’, Kimm Koffijberg has been nominated for the Coiffure Award 2013. The Coiffure Award is an annual event organized by hairdressers’ journal Coiffure in collaboration with Schwarzkopf Professional. The Coiffure Award is attended by THE top hairdressers in the Netherlands. Each year, they define the trends and create the leading fashion hairstyles.



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